Jose Nunez...get your ass upgraded

Just the stuff we found on USA Cycling should give him the points...and there is probably more..and we think he's put his request in about 70 times. What up?

Leonardtown Crit 3/4 3rd
Bunny Hop Masters 3/4 1st
Carl Dolan 3/4 1st
Richmond Crit 3/4 1st
Black Hills CR 3/4 4th
Leonardtown Crit (last year) 4th

Switching gears (see what I did there?) what is the verdict on the Haymarket not XO Harley kits so far? Are any traffic cones in threat of being replaced? Are we one step away from an orange jumpsuit? Do we carve out eyes, nose, and mouth or am I totally off and are they totally pro and fast? Jose look good tho.