Mid Atlantic Races, Reader Submissions and the Clap.

Yikes...it's been awhile since we've updated but there has been a lot of good droppage going on.

Black Hills Circuit Race provided some good terrain. Almost too good. We are going to give an early season pass to everybody who felt the wrath of the Black Hill. Either that or we can't find any good photos of severe maximum droppage from the day. So..it's never too late if you anybody has a submission...Just sayin'

The other story is the Mid Atlantic calendar.
Tradezones: Dropped. 
Vint Hill: Dropped
Tysons: Dropped. 
Jeff Cup: Mother's Day. 
Walkersville: Dropped. 
Harwood: Postponed

Not to mention whatever is happening in Pennsylvania. If anybody wants to elaborate, consider this an open forum. 

Ok..to the fun stuff. Not necessarily dropped but a nice reminder to cross that line first before celebrating. Thanks to Sung Pak for this pic: Not sure where/what it's from or whom these people are.

This sequence comes from Daniel Dinneen. The race is the Philly Flyer. Hey..at least this kid looks smooth while getting the ol' D. College racing rocks.