Friday, February 11, 2011


And by douchebag, I mean doper. Not only is this guy a douchebag, he's an idiot twofold. Remember this Kayle Leogrande guy bust onto the scene a few years ago on the NRC circuit racking up wins at big races. Come on,. the guy with all the tattoos starting winning sprints out of the blue. Ok ok..this guy. I think this is a publicity shot for Guys Gone Wild: Giant Earhole Edition.

Still don't remember? Ok, he's one of Joe Papp's clients whom purchased steroids from the Pappster then thought it would AWESOME to email a photo of him holding said steroids. Remember, this guy has an arm full of sleeves. SMART!!!

So, of course before this all goes down in 2008, but is already being implicated, he gets a contract from...guess who? Rock Racing. His results in 2008 start to suffer while he's being implicated most likely because he laid off the sauce but it was too late. It turns out Matt DeCanio was right all along about doping. Still crazy..but right.

Once a cheater...always a cheater in our book.

Kayle Leogrande, an American cyclist and tattoo artist, has filed a defamation suit against as many as 32 people.

Anyway, TatBoy got a couple years from cycling and now he's back. We found this gem on YouTube addressing his 'fans' regarding his new team. I've never seen a more shifty guy. His eyes are more beady than a desert rat. He's convinced a bunch of people to give him money and actually sponsor a team!! WTF? OMG!

Luckily, I'm not a pro but if I'll never play this guy in Monopoly, chess, checkers, hopscotch, a game of horse, or any other game that one can cheat in. Godspeed.


eightplustwo said...

I like how he says he took 2 years off from cycling to spend time with his family. Really, guy? It wasn't the suspension for doping?

Nice neck tat, douchebag.

The KLoCycle said...

Lets face it there is doping in cycling, but to hang a guy out to dry for the rest of his life based on his 'look' is LAME. Let him race and prove he is no longer a DB, reserve judgement until then. But this immature post to belittle a guy you may or may not know is beneath most of us... and I have no freaking clue who this guy is, but I do remember a certain local who got busted years ago and another semi local blogger busting on him saying he was guilty etc. etc. Everyone rallied behind the busted guy and railed the blogger... how did you know he wasn't guilty? and if you do the time as they both have done, why can't you come back and race clean?

dropped said...

Because I'm not in the business of forgiving cheaters, even after 2 years. The UCI might forgive him, but that's what us bloggers are for. To make their existence in bike racing a little less comfortable.

Ericka said...

I knew Kayle personally and unfortunately was a close friend of his for over 4 years. A few years ago he once asked my good friend, who happens to be a Physician's Assistant, if she could show him how to take out his own blood (presumably to blood dope)while I was getting tattooed by him. He cheats on his wives and girlfriends, he cheats in cycling--dude isn't honest in any area of his life. So the allegations of him being a huge douchebag? Totally true..

Ericka said...

Also, he told me things weren't serious with his last girlfriend--that she "helped him out". She would watch his kids while he would go on long training rides. He's a tool and will use anyone and anything as long as it puts him ahead. Kayle is all about Kayle and that's it.

Anonymous said...

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