CX Drop Drop Go


The Hills.
The Mud.
Fall has arrived.
Go fast
Go too fast.
Overcooking turns.
Cyclingcaptured captured it.
Back on the move.

brought to you by sram..and those yellow shoes that everybody wears now...and that guy's ankle tattoo.

Camelbak Alert

From the Chicago area cross scene.

Hydration = good
Cameltoe = bad 

YGD Cross Shirts Now Ready

We finally got off our ass and got cracking on the YGD Cross shirt. Thanks to the twitter love to give us the push. Whether you podium or you get your ass handed to you, this is a good look for post race beer and frites. 

$14.00 and free shipping now through November 1st. Then you can go get deals someplace else we heard. 


Pain Face

Oh..let's all sing the praises of PSYCHOCROSS!!! PUNK ROCK BIKES INSTENSE!!! BEER!! FRITES! 

At first glance, these photos by Sigberto (the most humble guy in the peloton by the way) shows the spirit of cross. 

The rider cresting a hill, pain face in full swagger, you can feel the lactic acid threshold expiring quickly. 
In the background, some dude in a cyling cap and belgie colors drinking a beer. It's. SO.


Reality check: you got dropped

We're Having a Great Time

Why are there no chicks in this photo?

YGD Embrocation now on the Shelves

Hey friendos. We've been moving and shaking all summer long trying to get the mix of ingredients just right for the launch of our YGD Embrocation. We've been dabbling for years making small batches of homemade goodness for our own personal supply. We want to share that goodness with our readers this fall with our first batch which we simply call "YGD Mild." 

Our embrocation is made with local beeswax, shea butter, massage oils, and just a touch of heat. YGD Mild is perfect for any climate between 50 degree and raining to 70 degrees and sunny. We have a small batch ready for our readers at $11.00 with free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48.

Now back to the droppage.