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A lot of people email us and ask who we are. Our identity can't remain hidden forever so we made a video explaining things.


Mustache March is closing in. You Got Dropped is looking for the best mustache during MABRA spring classics.....GET YO FACIAL GAME ON!!

Entire State of North Carolina Gets Dropped by MABRA's Elite

We, at YGD's international headquarters aren't mathematicians. In fact, we cannot even spell mathematicians without using spell check. However, we can decipher that there were only 6 residents of North Carolina that finished in the results, top 28, at the Way Too Early For Sane People to Bike Race Wolfpack Classic in North Carolina.

This is grade A bullhonkey, tarheels. We expect more from a state that gave us Jesse Helmes, Duke University Lacrosse, and the Furniture Capital of the World..

North Carolina - hardly snow on the ground, usually about 15-25 degrees warmer throughout the winter.

Mid Atlantic - 30 degrees is a balmy day this winter. Lucky that roads don't have piles of salt and sand on them or an iceburg

North Carolina - This is your home state. Represent!

Mid Atlantic - We don't give a hoot about no Wolfpack Road Race.

At the end of the day, MABRA dominated out of it's home turf so.... North Carolina cyclists..YOU GOT DROPPED!!!

Wolfpack Cycling Classic Results Raleigh, NC Wolfpack Cycling Classic Top of the Hill Road Race Sunday February 14, 2010
Pro 1/2/3 Results Name Team From

1Steven GordonKingsnorth International WheelersWarrenton, VA
2Spencer GaddyIon Sports Nutrition p/b United HeaCharlotte, NC
3Bryan VaughanHaymarket BicyclesBurke, VA
4Christopher HongTeam ExergyCambridge, MA
5nicholas inabinetTeam VilleBoone, NC
6David FuentesSonoma/Battley H-DHerndon, VA
7Isaac HoweTeam Mountain Khakis f/b Jittery Joesconcord, nh
8David OsborneArtemis;, MD
9Jared NietersHaymarket BicyclesHaymarket, VA
10John DeLongSubaru-Gary Fisher Elite Road TeamBlacksburg, VA
11Owen McDonnellHTR Inside-Out SportsChapel Hill, NC
12Kevin GottliebLateral Stress Velo Inc.Alexandria, VA
13Thomas WronaRaleigh All Stars p/b Southeastern Pinehurst, NC
14Paul MicaNCVC/UnitedHealth GroupBethesda, MD
15Todd HancockUnattachedRaleigh, NC
16Zachary NaveBarley's Taproom- GreenvilleGray, TN
17Ryan BodgeYour Ad HereWashington, DC
18Brian SullivanDIY Music p/b Asheville Youth CycliCharlotte, NC
19Ryan SimpsonHaymarket BicyclesManassas, VA
20Timothy BrownWashington, DC
21Michael RaynorDIY Music p/b Asheville Youth CycliRaleigh, NC
22Gonzalo EscobarFalls Church, VA
23Jacob FlorenceTeam Metro p/b Greenville Cycling CBoone, NC
24Lucas HarvilleSeigler SportsVirginia Beach, VA
25Evan WynnDIY Music p/b Asheville Youth CycliAsheville, NC
26Gregoire FaberWashington, DC
27Adam Brittonvillgreenville, sc
28John ZacconeUnattachedColumbia, MD

caption contest #2

What is this dude doing?

A - Giving a yougotdropped salute
B - Looking douchey
C - Pretending he's Mark Cavenhunk but only in last place
D - All of the above

are any of our readers even more witty? submit your crackalacka.

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6 Months Without a Race Makes One Weak

to tradezone or not to tradezone
will we have to wait one more week
to test out zoom camera lenses from the trees?
we wait for notice from promoters

people racing in the south
people racing in the west
all we see is snow
snow and potholes and sand
and brick walls in basements

our legs are weak
ingrown hairs
indoor turbo trainer awaits
kill the groundhog

snap snap snap
click click click
stealing images from internet

hains point
group rides

oh lawdy lawdy...
where can we get our fast on?


You would think that a team sponsored by an internet company, whose company's sole mission is to be awesome at internet stuff would have a good website.

Well, they don't..,,

That's all we have to say this evening. Keep waiting for the good stuff.