Black Tuesday and Sven Nys has Balls of Steel

We are having such a good time putting stuff in envelopes we decided to extend Black Monday to...BLACK TUESDAY!!! (echo echo echo). 

We are running out of socks, especially large. Plenty of mediums and some extra larges.Lots and lots of smalls left. We probably won't order more socks for a long while so this is it.

Shipping is free on embrocation but will be delayed since we have to brew up a new batch. Eight bucks. 

We'll leave you with some World Cup droppage. We haven't seen a pedal controversy like this since Lance unclipped from his DuraAce in LeTour.  We weren't able to embed but PLEASE go over to the Cyclocross Channel on YouTube and fast forward to 10:00 and watch the final minutes of Superprestige Gieten.