Black Monday Sale at YGD

To celebrate the biggest online shopping day of the year, we've decided to place everything is on sale at YGD. 

We woke up this morning feeling the BLACK MONDAY spirit but we also want everybody to have a Happy and Merry Chrismakunakwanzaka. Most importantly, we want to empty our current inventory so we can start thinking about bringing out new items to the masses. Just think: YGD designer handbags. YGD cereal. YGD dental grilles. 

Anyway..everything is on sale for Black Monday and/or until we feel like changing the prices back. It's kind of a pain to change so these prices might last a few days. But it might not so order today if you can and make everybody's lives easy. 

YGD Classic Tees - $11.99
YGD Socks - $5.50
YGD Embro - $8.00

Shipping is cheap too. 

And we are working on getting the jersey prices to go lower so hang tight until we get that. In the meantime, if you have ideas of stuff we can put our logo on, drop us a line. Thanks for the support.