Charming Photo Essay

Man, Cross is really tough to pick out who got dropped. Let's face it, cross isn't about getting dropped. It's about having a good time while strapping on for 45 minutes to an hour for a nice little visit in the pain cave.

YGD is ready for the cross season. It's here, folks. This past weekend, a few lucky YGD readers blasted the sweet smell of YGD embrocation in Baltimore for Charm City Cross presented by twenty20cycling. Speaking of YGD embrocation, samples of the first batch were just sent over to the Ed Sanders Lilypons promoters for prizes. It will be ready for public consumption soon but for now, you have to win it by riding fast.

We'll have to hone our skill about picking out getting dropped in cross races. BUT we did find a few great shots on Joe Mallis' photo site and have given some proper titles. These, are just the tip of the iceberg, we think. You cross racers are a wild bunch.

We call this one "The Stache"
 Charm City Cyclocross-03469

The Irony

Charm City Cyclocross-03509

Proper Form

Charm City Cyclocross-03548

Reverse Blogging

Charm City Cyclocross-03937-Edit

Proper Form II

Charm City Cyclocross-04062


Charm City Cyclocross-04125

More to come later. Joe Mallis is a godsend.