In celebration of Page Valley Drop Fest this weekend, we are dropping the price of the YGD Classic Tee to $12.69 until Saturday, August 8th. Saturday is pack up t-shirts and ship 'em out day at YGD HQ. After this Saturday, the tees are back up to $13.99.

Want a shirt and socks? Want a shirt and another shirt?  Pay only one $2.99 shipping fee for everything. That's your business if you want your girl to wear the same shirt as you. We just want YOU, the under-served bike racer, to PIMP OUR GEAR.

This offer is only good through Saturday, August 8th, 2010.

If paypal won't let you do only one shipping fee, we will simply refund the difference. We promise. Order this swag at the right of the screen. Don't hate.

Be on the lookout for some YGD sponsored races coming up in MABRA land and some new product coming this fall. Will you be ready?