BH-DSRTCT on Now on Facebook -

This morning in the YGD inbox there was a message from Chuck Hutch's Facebook account asking for us to 'like' the Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma Restaurant/Teaism Cycling Team.

Ok. No problem. 

We were excited about the possibility of being part of the BHDSRTCT community so we investigated. We wanted to know more. This is our big chance to hang out cyberly with all our local cycling heros!!  Our cyber sleuthing led us to click 'info' where we found even more info. 

We saw photos. We made a friend or two. Then we saw a mission statement! 

"We are an elite Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Team competing on the MABRA, NRC and USA Crit Series circuits and proudly exposing our sponsors names to the general public."

This team has moved up one spot in our hearts. It's so easy to hate on them, but it's also easy to love with philosophical statements of purpose like the above. We wonder if Beavis or Butthead wrote this?

By the way..the season is almost over. Will Chuck resume his role as Godfather in Mafia Wars?