Lost River Part 1

OMG! We take off a few days of posting and we receive message after message reminding us of Giro droppage...Lost River droppage...and upcoming Page Valley droppage. We admit, we dropped the ball on this. In our own self defense there was a Golden Girls marathon on Lifestyle this weekend .

Lost River. Where to start? For the novice poster, this may seem like an easy race to call out droppage. But no! Racers are all over the course. In packs. Off the back in packs. Solo off the front. Solo off the back. In bushes. Hiding. Anarchy.

Before we get going on the droppage, we just want to state that Jose Escobar is a baaaad ass. He is dropping dudes like 1/2 a mile back and then grittin at the camera. All hail Jose. I'll take a salty oatmeal cookie while I watch you climb a mountain.

Is this dude seriously wearing compression socks?

You are about to get compressed into the DNF zone.

A blog by no other name.
Nick Versus Gravity is illustrated here.Check out the socks. We believe in the big fella.

What's blue and white and usually crashes in crits?

Easy find here. Moto ref = droppage

Thanks to Linc Brooks for this non copyrighted album. Stay tuned for more Lost River droppage while we dissect another album.