Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Floyd - From Douchebag of the Week to YGD Poster Boy? We hope so!!

So..The grey tee shirt has made up for everything and because of this, Floyd, are you reading?...We would like to sponsor you!! Free socks, jersey, and podium tee for you. All you have to do is email us at We've made this whole blog post a link to our email. Make it happen. 


Darryn said...

Why bother wearing an aero helmet and shoe covers if you're just going to put on a baggy t-shirt?

That's like training for a bike race being dedicated enough to dope as well. Oh, wait.

Darryn said...

Also, I'm a crappy Cat 5 and I can pin on a number better than that.

Anonymous said...

YGD- For your information, I burned the remainder of the Floyd Fairness Fund funds on razor blades so I could shave my legs and manicure my sideburns and ridiculously shaped chin. I had to thumb my way up to Cascade even though my old pals from Bahati said they could "probably" fit me in the van. I ended up strapping my bikes on the top of the Thompson Family minivan and riding in between 7 year-old Burt and 9 year-old Sylvia. Burt ended up getting sick and vomited all over the Performance 1/4 zip jersey in my lucky red color that I picked up the day before. The father, Randy, felt really bad and gave me an Iowa Hawkeyes tee; it was all that was clean after the family's long drive from Pella, Iowa. I had to wear that inside out because the Cascade race officials said people might think I'm on the U of I cycling team, which I am not (I tried to join the team, but they wouldn't take me because I'm not a student at Iowa).
Is that a good enough explanation for you?

Floyd Landis
Floyd Fairness Fund
Place donations in my jersey pocket.
If jersey pocket isn't available, please fold bills stripper-style and insert into cycling shorts.

dropped said...

We don't need an explanation. We were offering you a setup that, we think, would be ideal for your situation. Maybe for the next race, eh?