Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anatomy of a Drop

We love these helmet cams. Thank God some people have the balls to post when the race goes pear shaped.

via DCupps at the Iron Hill Twilight Cat 3 Crit. This is what getting dropped is all about.

Iron Hill Cat 3 Crit (by DCupps) from Bikelink on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

well that is not a "drop" at all....

according to the host website, this is what happened:"Unfortunately a series of mishaps (bottle on the ground, getting gapped blind behind a big rider, ...) lead to an 'early' finish for him"

getting gapped "blind" HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I love the excuses we all tell ourselves

-big rider who will blindly gap you.

bikelink said...

Ha ha...yeah he had lots of reasons for getting dropped, but sure knows he got dropped! Bikelink here...I loaned the camera to DCups. Hopefully he'll have other videos soon not 'worthy' of being embedded on "yougotdropped.'
p.s. did you see my Lower Providence footage of getting dropped in cat 4 there? Awesome long sequence of just the road in front of my tire and my heavy breathing. I see you caught me in a 'fashion police' lineup there!

Anonymous said...

homeboy needs to learn how to stay up on the wheel - there's a 1-2 bikelength gap in front of him for 95% of the pre-drop footage.