Sunday, June 27, 2010

'eight' plus 'two' - we get it now.

Hi there. This photo is of We like his blog. He likes ours. He seems like a nice guy. He spent his hard earned cash on a tee shirt. Thanks for the love. 

We love photos. We love this photo. It is sent in from  Cycling Captured.  A few observations.

- the shorts. 
- the tattoo
- the size of the shirt (showing off the guns and the tat. FLEX TIME!!)
- the smirk
- the placement of hand appears he is holding his junk (is that the' plus two' he references). Is the eight something 'else' than hours worked per day. If so... Kudos.

1 comment: said...

I'm happy to have made it on this blog without actually getting dropped. I really wasn't trying to hold my junk, I was pulling my shirt down for optimal view because I had to lug around that giant messenger bag full of crap (beer).

Shirt was a big hit @ the velo.