Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Other Mike - "I got all BRILF'ed Up!"

wE haVe MaD PHOToShop Skillz!!!

During implosion. "Houston, we have a problem."


GamJams said...

I call foul. You can't even tell if that's me.

Use this one instead:

It does a better job showing off my new Kazane team frame and wheelset with custom Cutaway Clothing frame sticker, my technically excellent Primal Custom kit, the Limar Pro 104 helmet (the lightest helmet in the world) and the new 2010 black GamJams socks. Look closely and you'll also see I race with a Road ID (you should too).

Undeterred, you can expect me to Pre-Reg.com for the next race very soon.

dropped said...

Oh, it's you. We zoomed in and saw GamJams kit, GamJams goatee, GamJams waterbottle, GamJams watch, GamJams backpack, GamJams ....

Cliff said...

and then the best best post-race recovery food:

wait for it....