Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting Caught by Women

The following video was sent by a Washington state no less.

We don't know. After getting dropped, we wouldn't mind sitting in on a women's peloton. We imagine you can find a few beauts to look to get you through being dropped. Still, shameful bro. Not impressing any of them, however.

---------(excerpt from email)

So if you watch
this video starting at 1:11 it looks like this guy is dropping the field, but wait, there is a little surprise waiting....

It turns out this guy was dropped from the masters race and is being caught by the women's cat 4 field that started five minutes behind him.

Michelob Ultra Grand Prix Cat 4 Women 2010 Glenwood, Washington from RideITLikeUstoleIT on Vimeo.


tony said...

HAHAHA. That dude must really suck! Especially so because all women REALLY suck!

Wait, no, that's not it. Just your blog sucks.

dropped said...


"El Carne" said...

this music had me looking for my glow sticks and pacifier!

edward low said...

that slow mo sprint owns! cat4 chicks rock me casa.
who the fuck won poolesville?

heyzeus christ people. can you gimme some freggin anwers, not questions. hello. what!? im saying this fuggin site just gives questions and i, personally, am looking for the answer.