Douchebag of the Week - Tacky Teenagers

What would we have done if we crashed out because of these things? We would have found the guys that threw these things on the ground and beat the living crap out of them. Maybe that's why none of us are politicians or a teacher or something wholesome, like a priest.

For you non MABRAites out there. We had a little incident at one of our races with some local yocals threw out some of these nice little carpet tacks on the corners of a superfast crit course. What is wrong with people? Word on the street is there is a pending investigation. No posse needed.

Check out helmet cam footage here. Most MABRAites have already seen this. These guys went down pretty effing hard because of some jacked up actions of some idiots who think crashing grown men on expensive bikes is funny. YGD did notice some suspicious, cackling group of teens hanging out near that corner for most of the day. Dumb ditty dumb dumb dumb.