Get Yo Ass Upgraded

We'd like to introduce a new feature here at You Got Dropped. Get Yo Ass Upgraded has been developed for riders who a) think they should get upgraded but can't wait to hear back from the upgrade coordinator or b) other riders who think their brethren (i.e. sandbaggers) need to submit a request.

This was a hot topic last summer as a few Cat 3s wanted to stay put in their category to win a jersey. We thought this should be addressed before sandbagging becomes an epidemic in the Mid Atlantic this year.

Our first case: Andrew Bridges - Haymarket Bicycles. Something must be in the water out in Haymarket, Virginny. Joe Dombroski slays the first couple races. The elite team are down south representing at Speedweek, and Andrew Bridges podiums in every Cat 3 race he enters.

Andrew Bridges: Get Yo Ass Upgraded

First at Carl Dolan

2nd at Chantilly

1st at Tysons

2nd at Vint Hill (teammate off the front with win)

Andrew, we hope that YGD will help you Get Yo Ass Upgraded.

And for all you sandbaggers out there, we are open for business.