Crit Season is Here

This weekend in MABRAland we have two races, a crit and a circuit race.

Let's prelude this weekend with some bike racing 101.

Saturday is a dead flat crit, wide open, two corners. It will be fast for many of the fields. However, if you get dropped, God bless us all. If you fear that you are going to get dropped, find the biggest guy that doesn't look fat and get behind him and hold on for the next hour. Enjoy the ride. If you get dropped, you will be on this site come next week. Yay for you!

Sunday is similar but the race is deemed a 'circuit race.' Of course a circuit race is kind of like a crit because you do a bunch of laps. It's kind of like a road race too because the laps are longer. A circuit race is more like a crit because they are usually 45 minutes to an hour. But it's like a road race because you can't take any free laps.

To get everybody pumped up for the weekend, we wanted to share with you the motivational poster that we have hanging up at YGD HQ.