The 2nd Battle of Bull Run Mountain

Jared from Haymarket Bicycles has requested that You Got Dropped help advertise the Second Battle of Bull Run Mountain to be held this Saturday. Looks like a good time. Me and my pink gloves.

The Battle of Bull Run Mountain is back!! With no racing this weekend, we've got a chance for another epic showdown. And this time we have a trophy. The race flyer will be made available this evening.

The last event was great, and this time we're hoping on doubling the turnout. We'll have racers and non-racers alike; everyone is invited. We're only 35 miles West of DC, so it's a short trip on a Saturday morning. (And as of now, the weather is supposed to be in the low 80s, with a zero percent chance of rain).

Date: Saturday, April 3, 2010
Time: 8am
Start: Haymarket Bicycles parking lot
Loop: Map
Distance: 62.5 miles

Generally, this is just an event designed to get a bunch of people out to suffer on some great, tough roads. There will be some nice flat farm roads with tough cross wind sections, some steep pitches, fun descents, and some gnarly dirt. Planning on doing Walkersville, Poolesville, or Battenkill? This will be perfect preparation, so get your teammates and come on out. (We expect the dirt roads to be a little more packed down since we'll have had two weeks of traffic and some rain the roads).

Special notes:
Ride at your own risk.
Rules of the road apply.
You've heard of a "no drop" ride? Well this is just the opposite.
Use the map link and bring a cue sheet (see below), or just don't get dropped.
There will most likely be a sag wagon or two, but bring flat changing gear to be prepared.