A Prelude to a Drop

The first 'real' race is less than 48 hours away. Jeff Cup. It's where You Got Dropped got it's inspiration, our muse. This race has a special place in our hearts. Right about now...

Cat 5s are anxiously not even thinking about a bike race right now.
Cat 4s are carbing up and emailing their teammates about how to block once their superstar gets in a solo break at mile 5. (tip..it won't work)
Cat 3s are wondering why the hell they signed up for a 1/2/3 race
The 1s and 2s are licking their chops to throw down
All the masters are wrapping up the workweek a little early to go polish off their carbon fiber wheels and tell their significant other they will be gone for the weekend.

Jeff Cup has been the official start for MABRA for 20 years. Cyclists from all over the land have had the pleasure to drive 2 plus hours into wine and horse country, the home of Thomas Jefferson, and thousands of smart upper middle class white kids only to figure out they didn't train properly over the winter. (the cyclists..not the white kids)

Let's start laying out excuses today before the photo evidence starts hitting our desks on Monday morning.