Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lance is our hero

Help Lance get a free t shirt. How? Buy one of your own so we can break even or as close to it as possible then give the 2009 poster boy a freebie. We are sure he'll model it for us and send us a photo..or burn it. Either way, it will be good fun. But things aren't free. Don't be a wheelsucker.

Speaking of Lance, he just mentioned that he is afraid of getting an emergency call that would shorten his big ride laid out for today. This is what we think it might sound like.

caller: ring ring ring

lance: hello

caller: a monkey is attacking my gopher..come quick i need help. we are all going to die!!

lance: I have a 58.4 miler i need to rock out but i'll be right there ma'am. These bonerific Vo2Max intervals can wait until it's dark outside. It makes them harder anyway. I said harder. hahah.

caller: oh thank you. i don't have any money though. can i pay you with my daughter?

lance: only if there are two of them and they are silly bazillys

caller: oh yes. they are super hot!! come right over!!

lance: hey monkey, get ready to dance


Tim Rugg said...

I guess the only question now is - which Haymarket rider is behind this blog?

Lance Lacy said...

Holy shit,that's almost dead on with emergency calls,but it was a hippo instead... I Could try and get my old boxing friends to buy some shirts,they are so punch drunk that they wouldn't understand the tricycle,they just would focus on the dropped part ha.

Lance Lacy said...

Almost forgot,no $$ no service,that other crap doesn't pay the bills

dropped said...

My name is Bryannieters Grant Hooverlance .

Bone up Rugg.

Tim Rugg said...

This is a shambles!

Pete said...

dropped is a junkies listener!

dropped said...

That is HURTING!!

chuck hutch said...

Cowboy Junkies?