Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Droppage as Art at Vint Hill

We call this one "The Green Monster"
Making new Friends

This guy was blown off the back like "TNT". Maybe he "Shook it All Night Long" the night before. We think he was on "The Razor's Edge" while on "The Highway to Hell". He sure didn't have a "Stiff Upper Lip". Oh lol @ us. So witty.
We refer to this MASTERPIECE simply as "Check Please"

Thanks to the fine work of photographers, we had ample photo droppage to choose from at Vint Hill. There are so many more that we didn't select. It was if they were working for us. Thanks, guys.


Bridea said...

"check please" = "I've got a flat rear tire"

simjetlag said...

But there's no car behind you... why put your hand up? And there's no one around you, so there's noone to warn...

I think this blog is a cracker BTW! My aim in life is to make the headlines one day.
Seriously though, funny! I like it!

jared said...

Just so everyone is clear, the rock star in the third photo is Judd Walencikowski. (Insert evil laugh emoticon here.)

layzeesusan said...


Thanks for the recognition by name. I blame my disgraceful performance on the gloves. I never wear gloves in the warm weather. Those gloves totally, totally, totally threw off my game. Yup. That's my story.

Braden said...

The Green Monster just won the cat 4 race at Jeff Cup.