Monday, March 22, 2010

The Battle Within the Battle

It should be pointed out that B. Vaughn was ahead of Mike Githens, Pete Custer, Steven Grant, Jody Dumond, Chip Hoover, Chris Schmidt, Harry Fang, and many others. So they all got dropped by Bryan. However, it appears that he got dropped by some others who may have or may have not sent in this video. At any rate, this looked like a hell of a good time. Those guys look like they have some serious fun.

Battle Of Bull Run Mountain #1 - Dirt & Gravel Section from Bryan Vaughan on Vimeo.


Bryan Vaughan said...

Ha ha. Well there is only one suspect then because the only guy in front of me was my team mate Jared Nieters. And yes, his little 135 pound, cyclocross riding butt dropped me. It's worth mentioning that he designed the course and was probably laughing inside when we came to the dirt still together. Next time, the plan is to get rid of him on the road before the dirt. Did I mention that there is no team work on this ride ;-) We will post the next edition of the Battle Of Bull Run Mountain soon for a non racing Sunday. Come do it - it's a blast.

jared said...

"Get rid of him on the road before the dirt."

That may be one of the funniest comments I've seen on the interwebs.