Tuesday, February 23, 2010

caption contest #2

What is this dude doing?

A - Giving a yougotdropped salute
B - Looking douchey
C - Pretending he's Mark Cavenhunk but only in last place
D - All of the above

are any of our readers even more witty? submit your crackalacka.

photo courtesy of http://eightplustwo.com/. Change your logo back.


eightplustwo said...

I'm going with A and B.

What's wrong with the new logo??

The guy who just left your mom's house said...

Pointing to his shrunken junk cause:
A) It's cold
B) He's so ripped and fit he HAS to be on something
C) Actually, it's not that shrunken
D) Anyone that rocks Ohio State helmet socks has to be badass and therefore, can do whatever they damn well please.
E) Hes advertising a tatoo on his package for his company lionofflanders.com

eightplustwo said...

can you get rad cycling apparel and drinkware at lionofflanders.com?

Ti( * )( * )ies said...

F) Whipping up a batch of brownie batter.