YouGotDropped Investigates!! - Ugliest Kit in Area

Ok folks, we are going to back off the polls for a minute. We don't want to oversaturate our audience with the same ol same ol so we are switching gears (see what we did right there?) and getting all Project Runway all your asses.

As the skies temporarily opened up in MABRAland this week, there were tens of cyclists everywhere you look. Out in Montgomery County, the PoPo was laying the smackdown on the group rides citing that people shouldn't be going so fast in the winter. Tim Rugg got so dropped
on the 7am last week, he didn't even have time to notice the hot lady cop. We are just assuming she was hot. Was she hot?

But was she really pulling everybody over because of the bad road etiquette that our silly little group rides have towards the typical Potomac Range Rover/H3/H2/Acura/Lexus/BMW toting resident or are the police upset with our fashion sense?

It dawned on us during one of these rides that there are some uglier than yo momma joke kits rolling around MABRA. YouGotDropped investigates!

HUB Racing - Nothing draws attention to untoned, pasty legs more than burnt orange. Our theory is that this is the same color orange you may find in bike courier vomit on a Friday evening at the team's bar sponsor Asylum Bar. The color is good for the team director to find his racers in any situation out there but for the love of God, consider something less irritating to everybody else during group rides. Bega, shave your beard also. You look homeless. And stop cutting us off in that red Matrix. And stop smoking in it too. By the way, every elite cycling team should have a dingy bar as a sponsor.

Bike Rack/District Velocity - It appears that this team/club might
be changing this year, or at least they are starting to have more neutral District Velocity club winter wear so far. This pleases us. However, the 1990s tribal tattoo band thing is played out. We are wondering if any of the members have the logo tattooed as a tramp stamp. Seems to us, it would be perfect. I bet Tim Brown at least considered it.

Artemis - Evelyn Egizi has, for years, been trying to get more women to get into bike racing (awesome). Nothing says give it a try more than squeezing yourself into purple spandex.

Carytown Bikes - Every so often, our friends from Richmond come up to play and they bring neon green bikes, jerseys, shorts, glasses, helmets, and whatever else they can spray paint. We aren't sure if it's the color that annoys us or if it's the kit design. Maybe both.

Georgetown - We said we wouldn't pick on juniors but college is a time to learn what the real world is all about. These kits, are amazingly ugly. We are not sure if they purposefully left them off their website or if they are too busy spending 8 bucks for a sandwich at Dean and Deluca but these kits are bad. Checkered shorts. Blue. Grey. Red. We are confused. Can somebody send a photo? Please.

Swashbuckler Brewing Company/ - I remember the first time I saw this kit. I LOL'ed. If you've raced in Lancaster County then you probably have seen these ugly ass kits. Yellow. Orange.Red. Blue. Did Rainbow Brite throw up on the order? For a bunch of guys that seem terrified of not being man enough and overcompensate by posting pictures of super hot almost naked chicks on their site, moto crossing, shooting guns, and snuggling up with each other in the woods once a year, it's a lot of rainbow for a kit that isn't world champion. Again, we are confused. Help us baby Timothy Gunn.

So there you have it. Just a snapshot of some bad design put on fabric. What does this have to do with getting dropped? Nothing. It's our blog. We can do what we want. We know there is more out there. Drop us a line and let us know!