Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who will it be?

Who will be the first to be dropped in 2010 and which race will it be at?

Any guesses?

We want to hear from you!

It's been too quiet on the MABRA front.


Tim Rugg said...

Me - Tradezone A field. Recovering from surgery.

Or 50/50 chance...

Lance Lacy of course.

dropped said...

We've been too hard on Mr. Lacy. It's all in good fun, Lance! We give it to you because we know you love taking it.

We are getting desperate. We'll take stories, photos, anything out there. We'll even group rides. Please indulge us people!

Jesse said...

I'll send you some photos of me getting dropped on this Sunday's Arrow Bicycles shop ride.

Pete said...

I already got dropped before 2010 even hit. go figure.

Lance Lacy said...

you have cost me a customer which was monthly income i cant afford to loose and the problems it caused me at my job with my boss,my son got into a fist fight because he was sticking up for me over this,and the fights and arguments within my family,so no its not all in fun and i don't like taking it. my son got in trouble and hurt, you cost me money and almost lost my job,i seriously considered leaving this sport to protect not only my job but my family's well being.i would appreciate it if you leave me out of this and anyone if you call me friend then don't make comments about me or talk to me about it