Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Peace Offerings - Caption Contest

Our good pal Kyle hasn't posted his Hump Day blog posts anymore. Besides his inept ramblings on being pack fodder, this was his blog's absolute best feature. Allow us to pick up the slack while he pulls himself together. Consider it a peace offering for what is to come for 2010. Feel free to leave captions in the comment section. The only prize you win is admiration among your peers.


Kyle Jones said...

Well one good reason why I stopped hump day was because it was hard to find pictures of women on bicycles. If I was going to just put up pictures of T&A it would have looked a lot like doucheblog cycling.

The first caption "she is excellent with hand pumps."

Lance Armstrong's Molester Mustache said...

Frist pic caption:

"Digs long and hard...miles."

"Couldn't inflate my tube."

"Likes long walks on the beach, appletinis, and chicks."

sprinting4last said...

stroke volume does matter
from truck in background.
butthead- huh huh huh huh california rulez
butthead- yeah yeah. ruuulez. california rules!