Image of the Day

Mountain bikers are truly silly...but this looks fun. Also, real or fake?

Gap to Laceration

Resorting to BMX tricks on YGD seems like cheating to us in order to post material but this is a goodie...very painful to watch and I love a good horror flick. Enjoy your road bike my friends.

Gap to Laceration from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

Haymarket Winter Bike League Announcement

Hey! Happy New Year. The Haymarketeers are doing another round of Haymarketing out in Haymarket on January 15th. You can meet in Haymarket and ride with some Haymarkerters throughout Haymarket. Jared from Haymarket Bicycles is organizing all this since last year's Winter Bike League was so Haymarkety.

Details are at the Haymarket Winter Bike League Facebook Page. So Zuckerburg it up and search for Haymarket Winter Bike League while you are on Facebook today.