Scenes from a 40K

Church Creek Time Trial #2 by ABRT part of the MATTCup presented by...whatever. 

Normally, TTs are tough for us to get a sense of droppage. However, Something must have been in the air last weekend. Did you all see Pete Custor's result? Strange things are happening at the Circle K. We miss Kyle at the events but his wife shows up in her daisy dukes and take good photos. 

One of these three is getting dropped here. 

It CAN'T be the Mayor of Hains Point, can it? 

Reader submission. Mad props to this dude. Check the bike out. Wouldn't you take off the bar ends though?

Worst. Aero. Position. Ever.

"how long does 40K take? It's hot as balls out here."

There is a nasty rumor that Chuck Hutch eats puppies for pre-race meals. Can anybody vouch for the whereabouts of this puppy?

Anatomy of a Drop - Glencoe Droppage

Getting dropped on the national stage. Good. Getting dropped on a national stage and posting it on YouTube. Better. Getting dropped and being on YGD. GREAT!!

Glencoe hosted crit championships a couple weeks ago and this gem was sent to us by a reader from the Windy City. These videos really are priceless. They absolutely show that fitness isn't the only reason frank mcbikerider gets his ass dropped. It's bike handling, taking corners, sprinting after every corner, and hearing strange computer beeps throughout your 10 minute race. To get to the droppage, go to 8 minutes. We've seen worse.

How many kits does District Velocity go through in one season?

And why are we so disturbed by this photo?

BH-DSRTCT on Now on Facebook -

This morning in the YGD inbox there was a message from Chuck Hutch's Facebook account asking for us to 'like' the Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma Restaurant/Teaism Cycling Team.

Ok. No problem. 

We were excited about the possibility of being part of the BHDSRTCT community so we investigated. We wanted to know more. This is our big chance to hang out cyberly with all our local cycling heros!!  Our cyber sleuthing led us to click 'info' where we found even more info. 

We saw photos. We made a friend or two. Then we saw a mission statement! 

"We are an elite Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Team competing on the MABRA, NRC and USA Crit Series circuits and proudly exposing our sponsors names to the general public."

This team has moved up one spot in our hearts. It's so easy to hate on them, but it's also easy to love with philosophical statements of purpose like the above. We wonder if Beavis or Butthead wrote this?

By the way..the season is almost over. Will Chuck resume his role as Godfather in Mafia Wars?

You Got Fanged

Captions Welcomed

Captions Welcome
Captions are Welcomed
Captions are Welcome
Captions Are Welcomed
We Welcome all Captions

Dudes v. Chicks

For centuries, women have been battling for equality with men.  Whether they are struggling for equal rights, voting privileges, equal job opportunities or even athletics, women have had to fight for the respect that they deserve since the beginning of time. The battle of equality in male and female athletics has been a problem for years; male sports have been accused of receiving better recognition in the sports they play, having more playing opportunities, receiving higher salaries, and attracting extra media coverage.

Buy a November bike. Help Mr. Kirkpatrick purchase a flash, or at least a reflection board, or a sundial. 

YGD Sock Power

10th place at an industrial park crit is an ok result. 

10th place at the Page Valley Road Race is a great result. 

Proof that there is such a thing as "YGD Sock Power."

..and training...and talent..and determination...but also SOCKS!!

Hipsters of the world unite

You can now use your bike saddle as a bottle opener with this handy little gadget. Too bad PBR is a twist off. 

With not much racing left on the MABRA calendar, those of us at YGD HQ might be cracking open a few ourselves pretty soon. What's on the menu for all our silly skinny bikearoxics?

Nicest guy in MABRA?

Jose says..."Look into my eyes...this bike racing thing is easy."

photo cred: red04wrx

You Got Dropped at Tour de France

We asked. You delivered. The Netzer family of Norfolk, VA hit up the Tour DAY France this summer and pimped the YGD Classic Tee in grandest of fashions. Thanks for the love Netzers.

Dan Netzer and kiddo posing with dropped riders from a stage at this year's Tour de France. YGD HQ has been flooded by smug requests for t shirts from Bordeaux region.

...and I'm proud to be an 'merican..cuz you know my heart is true..i'll gladly stand up!! USA! USA!! 
 What you don't see in this photo is the rental 1987 Ford 150 with Yosemite Sam mudflaps. 

French runway model? The hat. The shades. The Livestrong/Road ID/Watch trio is off the hook.

This dude looks mad pro on a bike, though. We suppose he had time to actually ride Ventoux. We have incredible envy. No doubt this shot should be blown up and hung in the Netzer family's foyer. 

That's all. We dig when you all send us photos in our gear. It's the next best thing to finding somebody getting dropped off the back of a race. Keep them coming.


In celebration of Page Valley Drop Fest this weekend, we are dropping the price of the YGD Classic Tee to $12.69 until Saturday, August 8th. Saturday is pack up t-shirts and ship 'em out day at YGD HQ. After this Saturday, the tees are back up to $13.99.

Want a shirt and socks? Want a shirt and another shirt?  Pay only one $2.99 shipping fee for everything. That's your business if you want your girl to wear the same shirt as you. We just want YOU, the under-served bike racer, to PIMP OUR GEAR.

This offer is only good through Saturday, August 8th, 2010.

If paypal won't let you do only one shipping fee, we will simply refund the difference. We promise. Order this swag at the right of the screen. Don't hate.

Be on the lookout for some YGD sponsored races coming up in MABRA land and some new product coming this fall. Will you be ready?