Get Sprung - We got questions?

Trees are starting to bud. Flowers are starting to sprout. Little animals have started to show signs of life and every squirrel in the Mid-Atlantic has started to dart out and play chicken with every cyclist they see. This weekend, mother nature has given us a lot signs that spring is right around the corner but there are signs that spring is right around the corner in world of amateur bike racing too!

Here, an unidentified cyclist has made the pilgrimage to the Snowball Crit in Snowball Crit, Virginia to participate in a bike race. We have so many questions. Is it his first race of the year? Did he have a mechanical? Has he been slaving away all winter long for this moment?

Imagine yourself in his carbon soled shoes. You've kitted up. You line up raring to go to get your race on. You are in there the best you can but the writing is on the just can't hang. You move to the back and try to surf wheels but that isn't even happening. fizzle like a bottle rocket. Legs feel like blocks of lead. The lungs are burning. You. Just. Don't. Have. It.
We know the feeling, bud and we are here to help (point you out).

We only wish we could zoom in better. Oh well. There is always next week.

Then we have the following photo:

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that once said that a picture tells a thousand stories. Maybe it's not so Chinese or ancient but there are many things going on in this particular photo to highlight. We keep getting sucked in by the Fat Frog rider on the left. Is he holding an imaginary machine gun? Is he sparring or shadow boxing before his race? Is he giving the photographer an Elvis salute? It's wonderful!

WHO is this rider? We want more of him.

Thanks to Kevin Horvath's photos on his Facebook page which we got because he friended us. Then we took them without asking him. Peace out!!